Nightmare in Taxi

Taxi driving is a bad or a good job I don't know but I am sure that it is a dengerous job. From my experience as a part time taxi driver I learned that lesson very hard way. If a drive has a no experience or a bad luck and pickup a bad pessenger his whole shift could be ruined. Not only shift but also his life could be ruined too.Once I drop off a passenger in east village which is in lower manhattan(NYC) and all the sudden  a white fella jump on the front seat next to  me. I ask him where he wants to go he said he wanted to go east 125 street up town. When I was on the way to uptown he tried to hold the steering while and showing me a dark street to follow his direction. He said that is the way. I told him that is not the way to go to  uptown. When I told him , I will not go to  that direction, he became angry and tried to reach my money bag. I opened the door and jumped out from the cab. He got out from the cab through his door and was running around the cab ,tried to reach me . All the sudden I jumped inside the cab , locked my door and tried to runway from the scene . Two three young man came to help that guy. They were running behind my cab and were trying to catch me in front of the stop sign. But when I  saw these guys are running behind me I  broke the red light and run away from that area. God saved me for that night.

Selecting a right passenger is not easy

*Being a taxi driver in new York city is not a joke, it's a dengerous job. You do not know who is your passinger. Is he a thug who can kill anyone for a few dollars or a millionaire  who could give a good tip. Selecting passenger  is a guessing game which need a little experience to wine this battle.  Face indicates mind experienced taxi drivers want to used this basic guessing macanism to hire their passengers. If a driver is not experienced and smart enough he will be the easy victim of the bad people.
*  Mayor Bloomberg and TLC  commissioner   always screams that  it is a hate crime if a taxi driver deny a passenger who  hailed a cab. Are all taxi drivers brain dead?They  pay $150 for a shift plus $35-$40 for gas plus $10-$15 for food . If a taxi driver roaming around the city without  picking up a  passenger then that day is not far way to become him a  homeless. I think they are not ready for that direction.  Picking up a passenger doesn't  depends on skin color or height but  it is on the face and total body structure which way the person hails a cab. Every body like to be alive . Taxi drivers think about their life  as well as their  wife and kids life too. Majority of the taxi drivers are immigrants and they do not want to see their kids is a  taxi driver for next generation.  When a taxi driver die not only his life is ruined but also all his family members lives ruined with him. That is the reason why they need to be extra careful about hiring a passenger.
    *    If a hauler cloth is sloppy and look like cannot stand in one place this is a dangerous bit for a taxi drivers which he need to avoid.  If anyone take this passenger he will be in a big trouble.  This guy is drunk and he will give an address like this Washington height exit no  this. Driver drove from downtown to Washington . After exit when you asking which street and which number. This time he is not responding. Drunk people sleep so badly that after 15minute knocking on  the window they will not wake-up. By the law you can touch your passenger for waking up. Only one solution to this problem is call 911 for  help. It's not an emergency call that police will be within moment. They will show up after one and half hours. When police will see this guy is too much d runk they will call ambulance. Your all the taxi driving and another two hours waiting will produce a zero dollar for you. Police or the ems are not responsible for paying your  fare. What this poor  taxi driver can  do for his fare and two hours  waiting time? Nothing . Mayor or TLC commissioner is not responsible for that fare but they can put you in hell for refusing this passenger.
*An allegation against two Police officer that they raped a fashion executive in her apartment while she was drunk and unconscious. A taxi driver called 911 for help that someone in his cab was not responding. Police came for his help and carried the drunk lady to her apartment. Juries are searching to  Figure out validity of the rest of  her story. The question is was the taxi driver got his fare or police just took the lady away and told the taxi driver nothing?  If the taxi is a livery then they will get their money in advance but if it is a yellow cab then the driver could not charge the fare before reaching the destination. It will be painful for a taxi driver if he does not see a penny after 1-2hours driving and waiting time.  
*Once I got two passengers in downtown next to the west village. They wanted to go to the Washington heights. I was happy that  it would be a good fare and if I take high way it will not take much time. But they wanted to take   local road because one of them will get off in 59street. After releasing that person  I took high way and the guy told me the exit number but he did not tell me his  full address. After getting off from the high way  I asked the lady "please give me the street address". She was not responding. I Knocked the window again and again but she was not responding. What could  I do I called one of my buddy for help. He said  that area is dangerous . If you  get off from your car  you could be robbed. I drove cab   back back to 86th street  and I called 911 for help. Police came for help and an ambulance took the lady way. I did not get a single penny for my that ordeal. I spent  nearly 3 hours for that crap and I did not get a single penny. I am not telling a lie. I have a police record for that incident.

A Bad Night and A Happy Ending

One Saturday evening I had a bad experience in taxi that  i will never  forget. My  experience was nothing but a judging mistake . I Used to drive taxi part time. Getting a  yellow taxi for Saturday night shift was not easy for me.  My priority of getting a taxi was less than someone who drive full time. After a long waiting in taxi garage and a tip of  $5 to a dispatcher open my luck. Finally  I got a taxi for that night.  I was driving in a happy mode because it is the busiest day of a week. Around 12.00a.m   I was hailed by a gay couple. They were  holding each other so closed that anybody will guess what I thought.     When they got inside my cab they asked me to put music in full volume. In the loud music someone did vomiting which I did not realized. In the metered fare It came $8.00 . One person put a ten dollars bill and said thank you. I was happy that I got a $2.00 tip.
 After leaving these people I drove half a block and got another passenger. The person open the door but did not got in. He said dirty cab. I went another block and one more passenger also refuse to get in.  I stop my cab and tried to check out what was  going on there. I saw a lot of water all over the floor and a fruit smell like pineapple. Some one did vomitting there. I realized my mistake. These guys were not gay. They were drunk and Were acting like a  gay couple to make me dumb.
       What can I do?  I called one of my  friend who has few long years experience  in that line. He told me do not run for a car wash shops, today every shop is close. Go to a street corner and tried to find free news papers. Put news papers on the floor, it will dried out all the liquid . Buy an air freshner and pour every where. I did so.      I spend more than a hour for that foul job. After that I cleaned myself and eat something . Now my plan is to making enough money which can cover taxi rent, gas and my food. I give up hope that I could make few dollars for myself.
   I know it is a dirty cab. I thought everybody will refuse my service. But my idea was wrong. Whenever someone hailed for a cab if I stopped nobody is refusing to get in my cab . Nobody is complaining for bad odor. I called my friend and asked him "nobody is complaining about my cabs dirtiness "
  Forget it ,it is Saturday night . Everybody is high on drink. Nobody will complain about it. It was looked like I would survived for that night. I was not only survived for that night but also I made good a money. Last hour of that night I got an airport tip. When I was releasing my passenger someone jumped on my cab wanted to go back to manhattan. When I released that passenger in Manhattan someone asked me to go to Brooklyn in my neighborhood next to my taxi garage . Last one and half hour I made  more than hundred fifty dollars like a magic. I think there is a god who is watching all our activity. It's looked like he did not want to send me home unhappy.